Timeshare – The holidays that grow on you!


My family and I have been coming to Langdale since 1981 and we never tire of the beauty & tranquility of the timeshare estate and its surroundings. Whilst the location has been the same for over 40 years, the holiday experience has evolved from charging about in my 20s, though staying mainly on site with a young family to more active outdoor holidays with adult children & their friends. The facilities at Langdale have always met our needs, feeling familiar but still special.

The simplicity of knowing where we’re going & what will be there makes for a truly relaxing holiday. Knowing we’ll be back next year also means there’s no compulsion to see or do anything, just go with the flow and the weather.

Despite having left home, our children always make time for our week at Langdale because it’s an essential highlight of family life. It will doubtless be as significant a legacy to our children as it has been to us.

Paul – Owner at The Langdale Owners Club