Timeshare travels around the world…


My wife and I have been timeshare owners for twenty-nine years now and have increased our involvement over time and converted our original weeks to points. Why? There are so many reasons that is difficult to put into a short description, but we have used Timeshare to travel to open up the world, on business as well as for holidays. The quality of accommodation has always been first class; the size of accommodation in the resorts is always large which makes it a home from home and provides the flexibility to eat out or cook a meal in and, of course, the staff at Diamond Resorts (now Hilton Grand Vacations) are always so welcoming and helpful. That is staff at the resorts but also in the support functions advising on bookings and frankly anything else to do with the holiday.

When we bought our first week in Pine Lake, near Lancaster, it was with some trepidation, especially as we were in Malaga at the time, and we had heard so many stories about timeshare!  However, everything went smoothly and after visiting Pine Lake we were reassured and signed the paperwork, ready to have our first holiday the next year. We exchanged our two-bedroom unit for a three-bedroom place in Florida, very close to Disney. In subsequent years we went to Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Smoky Mountains, Atlanta, Kauai, South Carolina, New Orleans, Sedona, Jamestown.  Just as an aside, we stayed twice in Boston at the Customs House Hotel. At the time it was part Timeshare and part hotel used by major travel Companies.  We made friends with some Hotel guests who had paid over twice the amount for the room than we had paid for our maintenance fee that year. And we had a deluxe room! We have been to other parts of the world, including Europe, South Africa, North Africa and Turkey, but this is a view of the some of the years.

Would we have done something different knowing what we know now? No: Timeshare has taken us to so many places and we love to travel.  We also love independence whilst on holiday, but it is also useful to have back up at the resort and, of course entertainment if we want it.

Like many families, we are spending more time in Europe and UK right now but again, the Diamond Resorts properties provide the same qualities we have experienced throughout. To get the very best value, there is always advice on how to use the points available.

Sally & Peter – Diamond Resorts European Points Collection members