EUROC launches new timeshare support hub for European timeshare owners


EUROC (European Resort Owners Coalition) recently commenced direct management of a new support system for timeshare owners across Europe. Appropriately named the EUROC Timeshare Support Hub, the service launches on 31st October 2023, and provides free access to independent guidance for timeshare owners. This support service will be delivered through multiple channels including an online hub, a telephone service, email and WhatsApp.

Commenting on the launch of the updated service, the EUROC Member Relations Manager said: “EUROC has been involved in supporting timeshare owner assistance since we began in 2019, but this transition to our new proprietary system will give us better oversight and insights into emerging needs and trends amongst European timeshare owners. Our new system caters for every way a timeshare owner may want to liaise with us, and gives us strong reporting data”

The EUROC Timeshare Support Hub will not provide legal counsel, mediation or arbitration to timeshare owners, but will make it much easier for consumers to access the legitimate guidance and support they need. If you would like to visit the EUROC Timeshare Support Hub, please click here