EUROC launches new Podcast


EUROC is delighted to announce the launch of its new monthly Podcast, “Smart Holidays In Europe”.

Debuting in April 2024, this new audio programme will provide in-depth insights into the world of timeshares and holiday memberships, exploring the benefits and experiences these types of products offer to consumers.

Each episode of Smart Holidays In Europe will delve into a variety of resorts across Europe, featuring interviews with key members of resort management, holidaymakers themselves and professional people associated with the industry. This well-rounded approach will ensure listeners gain a balanced perspective on the industry.

“Timeshare ownership has been a popular vacation option for millions of people worldwide since the 1980s,” said a EUROC spokesperson.

“Through the ‘Smart Holidays In Europe’ Podcast, we aim to showcase the positive experiences of consumers, and provide the media and consumer world with a balanced perspective on the value proposition of holiday ownership.”


The inaugural episode will focus on three UK-based resorts, The Osborne Apartments, Kingswear Park and Sutton Hall Resort, offering a captivating glimpse into the diverse offerings available. Throughout 2024, the Podcast will explore a variety of resorts across Europe, delving into all aspects of timeshare ownership – including types of memberships, cost versus traditional renting, exchange systems and the changing complexion of the timeshare industry.

Smart Holidays In Europe is designed to be a valuable resource for both experienced travellers and those considering timeshare ownership. By offering insightful information, expert opinions, and compelling stories, the Podcast aims to inform and educate listeners’ understanding of European vacation ownership.

As well as the audio aspects of the Podcast, EUROC will be posting short videos to work alongside the publications – ensuring the visual delights of the resorts can be seen. The videos will show the resorts that have been featured and will be linked from the show notes attached to the Podcast.

You can listen to the Smart Holidays In Europe Podcast on Apple, Audible and via both Google and Alexa listening devices.