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EUROC offers a wide range of services and benefits to its European Timeshare Club and Resort members. It will act as a one stop shop for the owner committee representatives and resort management teams providing them with unconditional support, legitimate resources and contacts, operational and revenue generation ideas along with, providing regular updates and guidance on matters impacting the world of timeshare ownership.

If you are a member of a timeshare club/resort committee or a resort management team and would like to find out more about membership and the benefits for your home owner club/resort – contact the EUROC Member Relations Manager by e-mail at:

Support, guidance and advice for owner committee representatives and resort management teams

Benefit from connections and signposting to contacts within the EUROC membership network and trusted industry professionals who can share their advice and experiences of how they have addressed similar issues, for example, management fee matters, reducing club operational costs and enhancing owner experience and engagement.

Join forces with other likeminded clubs in the EUROC buying consortium. A collective buying power will potentially offer great savings that will benefit your club and owners.  From club/resort supplies, utilities, specific products and 3rd party services, the consortium will work together with their procurement partner to explore the best possible deals to get more favourable pricing for collective timeshare clubs rather than one sourcing prices and deals on their own.

Receive updates, ideas and alerts provided by the EUROC Member Relations Manager for you to use and share with your owners to enhance your communication channels and owner engagement.

Ideas and suggestions on topics relevant to your owner experience and day to day running of your club/resort along with connection and networking with exchange companies and external booking agencies to ensure revenue growth from unused club weeks.

Access to a resort manager ‘Whats App’ group – this platform has been facilitated allowing your resort manager to connect with other timeshare clubs in a timely manner to ask questions and seek advice on matters relating to their clubs.

Committee representatives and resort management teams from timeshare clubs and resorts come together regularly on video conference calls to stay connected, discuss common issues and share good practice with each other.

Invitations to EUROC conferences & meetings, lunches and regular video conference calls for club committee representatives and resort management teams to come together to hear updates, share ideas, develop solutions, strengthen ties and make connections with likeminded people from other timeshare clubs.

Timeshare related fraud and protecting your owners

EUROC provides an in house service entitled EUROC Timeshare Support Hub– a service available to timeshare owners who have concerns about a business and who require assistance with a problem. The Helpline offers advice on refunds, relinquishments, law enforcement and general issues with their timeshare.

Benefit from updates, alerts and advice on current illegal activities and scams for you to share and create awareness of amongst your owners.  Receive education, advice and drafted materials on how to inform owners as to how to protect themselves from misleading resale, transfer and marketing scams.

EUROC members support organisations and inititiaves that seeks to prevent timeshare owners from being exposed to fraud and deception. Where, possible, EUROC will work with the authorities, the police and other enforcement agencies across Europe to bring offenders to justice. 

Make potential savings on legal fees that can be incurred in the process of drafting response letters, on behalf of your owners, to claims companies. This can be achieved by using a selection of approved template letters that are available to EUROC members only

Issues impacting and relating to timeshare ownership

Keeping abreast of any current and potential legislative, regulatory and market-driven issues that impact timeshare clubs and owners around the UK and Europe and is the first line of defence against legislation that may negatively impact your owners, clubs or resorts.

Professionally drafted papers will be submitted on behalf of EUROC members to local councils and governments on specific issues that may affect timeshare use and operation such as the potential implementation of the bed/tourist tax in the UK, business rates, Spanish supreme court rulings and perpetuity ownership issues, to name a few.

Members of the organisation will be recognised as representing the best of timeshare by following the EUROC best practice guidelines/code of conduct.

EUROC represents and serves as the official voice for all timeshare owners with the media, enforcement agencies, government bodies and local authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Home owner clubs and resorts will be charged a fee of £2 per timeshare owner/member at their club (not number of weeks owned), irrespective of whether they own fixed week(s), floating week(s) or points. It will be up to each committee to decide how the fee is collected from owners/members.


We understand that every penny counts but protecting timeshare owners and their clubs along with enhancing owner engagement and reviewing day to day operations is key to the long term future and security of your club or resort.  EUROC provides many benefits and services for your committee representatives and resort management teams which will help them in many ways with their task of running the club/resort.  We offer guidance, support and advice to the current EUROC member network who are forming strong relationships with each other and more and more clubs are joining as the organisation progresses.


The focus of EUROC will always be to look at every issue presented and how it could potentially impact timeshare owners.  EUROC will gather evidence and viewpoints from the committee representatives and resort management teams from within the membership and present its findings and viewpoints to the necessary parties.  When EUROC talks to regulators, industry associations, enforcement agencies, government and media, it will speak on behalf of thousands of timeshare owners and Home Owner Clubs across Europe. At times and when necessary, EUROC will work alongside the Resort Development Organisation (RDO) – the European timeshare trade organisation – as there will often be issues that arise whereby a stronger argument and voice will be heard if we join forces.


If you are a member of a timeshare owners committee or a resort management team and would like to find out more about EUROC membership, and the benefits for your home owner club/resort – contact the EUROC Member Relations Manager by e-mail at: